Good Beer for
Good People.

Taproom Now Open

Fellowship Hall Hours Steeple Brewing Co. on First Street Friday & Saturday, 4-10PM

Coming to the heart of Downtown Hastings, Nebraska, Steeple Brewing is a cozy community taproom serving local craft beer, tank-to-table. Our brewery on First Street, is home to good company, good conversation and good beer.

Our Mission

Good Beer for
Good People.

We brew craft beer, inspired by the honest, hard-working folks that fill their glasses on Saturday night and do right by their neighbor on Sunday morning. Church, community and good beer are indelible parts of life on the Plains.

From the ladies preparing the potluck to that guy who falls asleep after every sermon, each of our beers is inspired by the colorful characters our brewmaster encountered during his time as a small-town pastor.

The Lineup

Our Signature Brews

  • All Are Welcome


    Willkommen! Few things bring people together like an ice-cold glass of beer. From uniting Vikings and Packers fans over a mutual disdain for the Bears to dissolving the most intense debates between taproom philosophers, good beer welcomes all and excludes no one.

    ABV 4.7%IBU 30
  • Kitchen Kerfuffle

    Cream Ale

    Once the spatulas have settled and the flour has cleared from another funeral meal dust up, something is called for to broker a bit of peace. This easy to drink cream ale is something everyone can agree on. Just be sure to put everything back exactly where you found it!

    ABV 4%IBU 30
  • Lighten Up, Keith

    Pale Ale

    There is a fine line between ornery and grouch, persistent and obstinate, stalwart and stubborn old stick-in-the-mud. Keith crossed them all and didn’t care. Perhaps this smooth pale ale would help Keith lighten up. It’s just cookies after church. It’s not the end of the world.

    ABV 5.5%IBU 50
  • International Preacher


    Everything about Arthur wandered; his heart, his tastes, and his thoughts. Which is why he graduated closer to the bottom of his seminary class. So with limited job prospects, Arthur journeyed to see what the world had in store. This one is for Arthur, the International Preacher.

    ABV 6.4%IBU 81
  • Bats in the Belfry

    Nut Brown Ale

    Once your head trustees lock themselves in the belfry, it’s tough to get anyone else to sign up for the job. Though truth be told Ned and Wilber weren’t really all there before they spent their harrowing day slowly losing their wits with every last ring of the bell.

    ABV 4.5%IBU 47
  • Fellowship Hour

    Coffee Stout

    Our signature coffee stout is what most churches wish they could serve after worship. Maybe then people wouldn’t run out after the final hymn. Plus, after some of Pastor’s “sermons” you need something a little stronger than regular. I don’t care how strong Shirley makes it.

    ABV 4.7%IBU 30
  • Wayne Fell Asleep (Again)


    This is Wayne. He falls asleep in church. Every Sunday. Right after the second hymn. Fortune favors the bold and Wayne is, let’s say, bold enough to fall asleep every week. So enjoy this bold and flavorful porter and next time you nap, do so in honor of Wayne.

    ABV 6.7%IBU 39

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Our journey to bring a craft brewery and taproom to Hastings is well under way. Follow our progress, see our brewers in-action and find out how you can get involved. We promise to keep the sermon short.